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Polo Horses – know more about the breed

By: Jyothi


Polo horses are the main gear for the game of Polo. These horses are popularly known as Polo Ponies. The Polo ponies can be of any breed and combination of two breeds. These horses are small in size and agile. That is why they are called as the “ponies”. However, the polo ponies need plenty of training to become flexible and agile. For the game of Polo flexibility is very important. In every team there are four players. In the matches the opponents often try to block the ponies in subtle ways to take the ball in their control. The ponies need to be flexible and strong enough to avoid those barriers without getting hurt. To achieve that strength and agility the ponies need a lot of trainings. That is why there are the team of experts with every Polo club and firms where they take care of the horses. To avoid accidents the tails of the Polo ponies are braided. Otherwise the tail could be tangled with the mallet.

Earlier the Polo ponies used to be around 132 cm in height. Now the average height of the Polo ponies is 155cm. Polo pony is not a separate breed. In this breed one can see the traits of two different breeds. In a Polo match the ponies play a crucial role. Sometimes the pony can even change the outcome of the match. Speed and flexibility are two important things in this game. Polo horses need to be really fast and agile to overcome the barriers and challenges on the field. The opponents often create trouble for the horses in order to win the match. That is why the Polo ponies need to be well trained so that it can help its rider to not to lose the match. The Arabian horses are known to be intelligent and highly skilled. On other hand the Quarter ponies are fast and extremely agile. Polo ponies are usually the mixed breed of the Quarter horses and the Thoroughbred horses. They are small in size, fast, agile and strong. The experts work on their training to make sure they are able to take part in the game of Polo.

Argentina is known to have the best breed of Polo ponies. These Polo horses are the crossbreed of the Argentine Criollo horses and the Thoroughbred horses. For last many decades these ponies have become the popular choice among the Polo professionals. Good Polo ponies need to be ridden every day. That is the first step of the training. After that it is important to let the pony learn about the game. The initial few days could be really slow. However, it is important to give that time to your pony. Otherwise it won’t be able to understand the game. Hence, it won’t be able to perform well on the Polo ground. To train the horse you need to play with it and try to make it relax. You can use long bridles to play with it. After that you must be able to use the bridle on the neck. Once you put the bridle the properly trained horse will walk back to the line with the other ponies. It cannot be achieved in one day. You need to have your patience to train your horse well.

In case of the Argentine Polo ponies the training starts few hours after the foul is born. This time is known as the imprinting time. If you be with the horse at this stage the horse is going to remember you. Later, when you will begin the training the horse will then co-operate with you happily. That is why the trainers need to be very careful during the “imprinting” stage. To be a good Polo pony it needs to have a shorter body and long neck. Well-developed chest is also very important Polo pony. The ideal height of the Polo ponies will be around 150-160cm. For the initial two-three years the ponies are left absolutely free. This is the time when there is huge chance for injuries and that is why it is always better to not to play with the horses for initial few years. Once the horse is 4-5 years old, the trainers start the training on that time. It would be easier for the horse to understand the instructions and follow them up quickly in that case.

The price of the Polo ponies depends on the breed, speed, agility and various other aspects. The fast ones are more expensive than the slower ponies. The POLO HORSES need to go through thorough vet checkup to ensure their physical fitness. Blood test, heart and lungs test, x-ray of the legs and some other tests are mandatory before making the purchase. Once the customer is satisfied with the result they usually make the purchase. To know more about the Polo pony sales you can also check on internet. Polopony.com is one site where you can get reliable information on this game.


Polo Horses

Polo Horses  


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